In our world, in our movement there is no wishing, hoping or praying for things to be other than what they are. There is no need because we create our own world, no one else.
You are not your emotions.
Your true self lies beyond your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Emotions are weapons of destruction when not under our control and instruments of peace, love and happiness when we are emotionally empowered.

If we aren’t happy with the world, we know there is only one reason: Ourselves.

Whether alone or together we are a force of nature but we never force our way upon anyone, we see the unity in diversity and cherish the beauty and design in all things.

The magic you’ve searched for your entire life is in your hands, it’s in your head and heart and the knowledge you are about to digest is your wand. No more lies that fool us, no more fears that rule us;

To be emotionally empowered is to be free, it is the mission, it is the movement.

Eric Paskel is the founder of The Emotional Empowerment Movement and has devoted 34 years of his life to understanding how human beings can rise above their dysfunctional tendencies and control their emotions instead of being controlled by them. 

As part of that life mission, Eric has earned a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Marriage Family Therapist. In addition to his therapy practice, Eric went on to start a successful chain of Yoga studios and continues to teach Yoga both on the mat and off, helping thousands practice Yoga not just for their bodies but for their entire lives. He has written three books and has led countless life training seminars across the globe.